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14 January, 2018

Dear Smile E.,

I’ve noticed several PCD pages, images, and so on use the turtle image; is there any significant meaning towards PCD?


An Anonymous PCD Family



Dear Anonymous PCD Family,

The turtle represents our so called "turtle days", or also called "PCD crash days", a "PCD hangover", and so on. Every PCD patient has their own name for it, or we did until everyone connected up through Facebook. A PCD adult called their’s a “turtle day”, and it just struck a cord with most of the PCD community a few years ago. The logos for PCD Smiles and PCD Style were drawn by one of our team members a few years ago when the PCD craze over turtles began.

Basically a turtle day is those days we just are so tired that we crash or just can't get going. Maybe the day or days leading up to it we have done a lot or had big packed days; then the next day we wake and can barely do anything but treatments, we may or may not have a fever, but we are definitely overly tired. So I hope the turtle day description makes sense.

Yours Truly,

Smile E. Turtle


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