PCD Artist Project

The PCD Artist Project is a collaborative effort by artist to raise awareness for PCD or primary ciliary dyskinesia and support the PCD Smiles program. Each artist who submitted art work to the project either has PCD or has a PCD family member. Check out this year’s exhibit by clicking on the link to year 2020 below.

The PCD Artist Project’s exhibition merchandise ranges from apparel, giftware, home decor, and printed products such as posters, prints, wall art, and other items, all created from our exhibition; which can be viewed on PCD Smiles’s website. It is our hope that you support the PCD Smiles program by purchasing exhibition merchandise today.

“Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare inherited disorder caused by defects in the structure and/or function of cilia. Cilia are tiny hair-like structures, which are required to move fluids and particles in various parts of the body, including the airways. If there are defects in the cilia lining the airways, the body is unable to expel foreign material and clear mucus. This can lead to pulmonary complications, including frequent infections of the lungs, ears, throat and sinuses. People with PCD may have persistent or recurrent infections, which can significantly disrupt their quality of life and sometimes lead to permanent damage and life-threatening complications...” ~ Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


***All proceeds from the PCD Artist Project go to support PCD Smiles!!!

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