A word from the Founder


Thank you for your interest and support of PCD Smiles. Since starting this program with my husband's support, the outporing of support from the PCD community has been astounding. As I have spoken with recipients, parents' of recipients, and donors alike; the one question that seems to be on everyone's mind is, where did the idea for PCD Smiles come from? So here is my answer to that question.

I was inspired to start PCD Smiles because, as a child, I was a frequent recipient of the Ruth Lyons Children's Fund (originally known as the Ruth Lyons Christmas Fund); growing up in the Dayton, Ohio area. Upon checking in for my hospitalizations for PCD (Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia), I got to select one free toy from the toy cart in the admission's office at the Dayton Children's Hospital. To this day I still own most of the stuffed animals that I had chosen. The free toy was a big part of each of my hospital stays. The toy helped me create my own little world where I could escape and cope with my medical treatment.

With PCD Smiles, I hope to bring that same opportunity to other PCD patients; no matter their age!


Renee Dale