• Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission at PCD Smiles is to bring smiles to hospitalized primary ciliary dyskinesia, no mater their age; through the gift of a cheer package. Currently serving only The United States and Canada.
  • Request Cheer Package

    Request Cheer Package

    Know of a hospitalized primary ciliary dyskinesia patient? Please visit our “Request a Cheer Package” link and fill out our secured form to submit them for a cheer package today!
  • Donations


    Our cheer package program runs on donations. To see how you can help PCD Smiles, visit our donations section today!
  • The PCD Artist Project is a collaborative effort by artist to raise awareness for PCD & support the PCD Smiles cheer package program. Visit our exhibits today!

Want your PCD loved one's name on the back of select merchandise for this year's 2024 Limited Edition PCD Awareness Month?

Below is the current list of names to be included for the back of select 2024 Limited Edition Merchandise.

If the name you are looking for is not present in the list below please submit it to the 2024 name submission form.


2024 Name List to Date:


Amber Russell

Bob Swanson

Cayden Singer

Chad Parker

Christa Pearcy


Eric Alejandro

Faith Meyer

Hibah Saleem

Hilarie Sehorn

Isabella Collins

Jadalyn Childress

Jamie Nenneman


Kimberly Kennedy

Layla Cleghorn

Lylah Cate Jones

Malachi Smith

Mathis menec

Olive Jeanette

Rachelle Thomas

Rallye Luttrull

Randi Marie Hollingshed

Reneé Dale

Tina Kathryn Willoughby

Traci Higbee

Tracy Corbett



Join our Facebook group Turtle Talk Café today.

We have several ways that you can donate to PCD Smiles;

- Visit Smile E. Turtle's Amazon Wishlist

- For more information on how you can donate, please visit our "Donation" page to check out our "Do & Don't policies.

- Or sponsor a PCD Smiles cheer package today!

- To shop for your “Official” turtle care ribbon gear today, visit PCD Style or Smile E. Cove

Thank you for your consideration!

***Please speak to your respiratory therapist or your PCD medical team before commencing any new treatment. DO NOT start using a device, or technique, on this website if you have not discussed this with your PCD team first.***

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