Breath Play; Fun-Physio with PCD Smiles

Turn treatment-time into play-time with breath play. Different size straws require different amounts of airflow to create levels of difficulty which can in turn have great airway clearance benefits. Using straws to invent games is a great way to turn airway clearance into fun. Try the Tower Game! Object of the game is to blow the tower down in as few as breaths as possible. Build a tower of plastic cups and use straws to try and blow the tower down. Each play should use their own clean straws, be hygiene aware and prevent cross contamination of bacteria among the players.



If you’re struggling to get your child engaged with their airway clearance techniques try turning airway clearance into play, it could help lessen the burden of persuading your child to do their treatments. If you’re an adult, remember that the best airway clearance technique for you is the one that you will actually do. There are tons of airway clearance techniques and tons of outside the box ideas as well. Experiment today and put the fun back into your life. Remember airway hygiene is an important part of primary ciliary dyskinesia care.



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