Giving Saturday 21 March, 2020

PCD Smiles is in urgent need of coloring and puzzle books for both children and adults, boxes of colored pencils, and we need to replenish our stash of IV pole critters. Easter is a great time to find critters that hang or hug on IV poles; check your local Walmart's Easter aisle.

We have several ways that you can donate to PCD Smiles;

Visit Smile E. Turtle's Amazon Wishlist;

Or; for more information on how you can donate, please visit our "Donation" page to check out our "Do & Don't policies at;

Or; to sponsor a PCD Smiles Cheer-box today!

Or; to get your “Official” turtle care ribbon gear today!

Thank you for your consideration!

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#PCDawareness to help find a #cure4PCD!