Jump, Jump Around; Fun-Physio with PCD Smiles

Turn treatment-time into play-time with jumping. Jumping can actually be a very therapeutic supplementation to airway clearance. The cardio pulmonary activity can provide great bronchodilation of the airways allowing mucus more room to move. The jumping motion combined with the natural uncoordinated breathing during jumping can help mobilize secretions, aka mucus, even those secretions that have become stuck due to airway obstruction cause by inflammation of the airways. Jumping is a win, win in my book. There are all types of jumping games you could play or engage in. Or get yourself an indoor personal trampoline. And for the big jumps, invest in an outdoor trampoline. Trampolines are a huge hit with PCD families and care providers. If you’re struggling to get your child engaged with their airway clearance techniques try turning airway clearance into play, it could help lessen the burden of persuading your child to do their treatments. If you’re an adult, remember that the best airway clearance technique for you is the one that you will actually do. There are tons of airway clearance techniques and tons of outside the box ideas as well. Experiment today and put the fun back into your life. Remember airway hygiene is an important part of primary ciliary dyskinesia care.



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