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    Our mission at PCD Smiles is to bring smiles to hospitalized primary ciliary dyskinesia, no mater their age; through the gift of a cheer package. Currently serving only The United States and Canada.
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 My parents were scammers, no seriously they were. I’m not lying about that. My parents coned so many people through the years and I was the subject of their number one con game. It’s truly a sad story.

This is the reason I always caution people to get their loved one’s permission before sharing their love one’s health related issues online and on social sites. Does your loved one want privacy? I did as a kid and was never given the opportunity to have any say what so ever. Nope, my parents just thrust my chronic illness out there for everyone to see. People even knew when my antibiotics gave me yeast infections. Seriously, as a teenager having my folks tell people my private stuff was embarrassing to say the least. However my parents’ game came first. It was always we have a sick child give us money. Or our daughter is on her death bed and we need final expenses for her, whether or not I was actually dying. I’m seriously not kidding. My folks scammed every local church for miles around for money because they had a sick child, me. My mom liked to exaggerate my issues, whatever got them the money. Money mind you that was never spent on us kids.

I’m truly not bitter at my folks, really I’m not they were who they were and I had to accept that long ago. And I’ve always said I wouldn’t say much till they were gone. I think now more people in the PCD community might understand my constant insistence to protect their loved one’s privacy, including the children who may not fully understand how sharing stuff now might come back to bite them as they get older. And some people are probably reading this thinking I’m paranoid in my thinking, I’m too over the top. But once things are out there on the socials, it’s out there forever. And speaking from experience, and even though it shouldn’t be legal, I have lost employment opportunities due to my parents divulging my health information. My Mister has lost job opportunities due to my public health information. It does still happen in this day and age. So I encourage you to think about your loved one’s future when deciding what to share on the socials. Ask your loved one how they feel.

Take it from someone who knows, being exploited because you are sick truly sucks!

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